Who We Are

The Mantle of Heritage is an organization that is dedicated to guiding teenagers on the path to self-discovery and the maximization of their potential. This project is designed to awaken teens’ consciousness to focus on their potentials and how they can function to impact the society in a positive manner.

  • The Mantle of Heritage seeks to help teenagers develop by providing them platforms and channels for the discovery of their God-given talent, while also imbuing in them need to cultivate positive values for character development, promotion of good morals and social etiquette.

  • We craft programs aimed at supporting the wholesome development of teenagers ensuring they make the teenage-to-adulthood transition with confidence.

  • By employing a multi-disciplinary approach, Mantle of Heritage has created the Teenager’s World of Entertainment which furnishes unique platforms for teenage expression, entertainment, education and social collaboration.

  • We organize Seminars, Workshops and Training sessions that seek to empower teenagers with knowledge and information essential for the safe navigation of this delicate and impressionable phase of their lives.

  • We contribute to the emergence of next generation leaders and nation builders by identifying and nurturing leadership potential and talent among teens.

Our Target Audience

We work with teenagers and young people between the ages of 14-19 to help hone their leadership potential, creativity, talent and skills. We instruct and offer them insight into what makes a strong, dynamic, innovative and successful leader.

Our Mission

To create a platform of expression for the next generation Nigerian Leaders.

Our Vision

Raising a strong, dynamic and exceptional set of leaders who stand the test of time from one generation to another, that are great asset and image to our nation.

Our Purpose | Core Value

  • Building Leadership skills in Teens

  • Creating unique platform for Teenagers to discover, maximize and express themselves.

  • To aid in the wholesome development and well-being of Teenagers by providing guidance and instilling essential values.

  • Furnishing a pedestal to help propel Teens into their divine destinies.

  • Providing resources and crafting environments that encourage positive character development.

  • Promoting good morals and social etiquette

Our Moto

Let the Future Begin Now…