Mantle of Heritage is an organization that is dedicated to self-discovering of the teenagers in society. Our projects are designed to awake teen’s consciousness to focus on their potentials and how they can function to impart positively on the society. The Mantle of Heritage helps to develop as well as discover their God given talent, also to imbibe in them the true Nigerian spirit, inculcate in them the true Nigeria spirit we believe and teaching them to promote good morals and social etiquette. Mantle of Heritage has therefore put together programs that will help our teenagers grow out of their teenage stage properly to become the individuals they ought to be when they eventually get to their adult hood. We believe without education we could not raise effective future leaders for our nation.

In order to achieve our aim, “Jovi Teen Foundation” the charity aspect of our organization that support the less privilege teenagers in the society, especially on their education as much as we believe education is the right of every child, it is vital, essential to the foundation of every child and good leaders cannot be raise without education. Project 500 is the donation to the continuing education of the less privilege teen’s, as we help get back to school 500 teenagers who drop out of school for financial reasons. In so doing we believe this will help reduce the crime rate in our society, helps us to build a good citizens towards a great nation and it will help our teenagers to have positive impact on the society.

The unveiling ceremony of Mantle of Heritage will hold on 18th of April at Terfawa Balewa Square (TBS) Onikan Lagos Island, where we have our outstanding leaders in different spheres of life that have made positive changes and resounding effect on our society at large. E.g. Teachers, bankers, artistes, motivational speaker, politicians, doctors and more to graze this life changing event as we unveil this social co-operate responsibility platform.

It is not an easy task, but we believe that we can do it if we work together as you support us to donate towards this noble cause, you can take the advantage and opportunity to positively impact the lives of these ones through this corporate social responsibility platform.

These are four ways in which you can donate:

These are four ways in which you can donate:

>Platinum–5,000,000 & above

>Diamond–4,000,000 – 2,000,000

>Gold–1,500,000 – 1,000,000

>Silver–900,000 – 500,000

>Bronze–400,000 – 100,000

Please if you are interested in helping us, please make your check payable in favor of “Mantle of heritage” or pay into the account details below.

Account name: Mantle of heritage

Account number: 0020220740

Bank: Sterling bank

Your contribution to this cause would be highly appreciated.

  • We shall mail you donation receipt.

  • Entry passes to the live unveiling ceremony of mantle of heritage as soon as we receive your check.

  • Your name will be written on our personal creed statement canvas and you will also sign under your name at the unveiling ceremony as one of those that make positive changes in the history of mantle of heritage.

If you have any question regarding our programs, please feel free to email us at Alternately, you can reach us on 08107537656, 08077579416 between 8 am. – 9 pm. On weekdays, 11am – 3pm on weekends.

It is our pleasure and honor to have your support/partnership on this event, as much as we know it is the first of its kind, it’s new, it’s big, it’s unique and it is a need in our society.

Please note: payment/check to this noble cause should be made before 25th of May 2016 so to help us accumulate the names for the personal creed canvas, it takes a bit of time to craft name because of the process so that we can have the names of all our partners on the canvas as promised.

We thank you for giving your precious time in going through this write up as we anticipate your kind response and donation to this noble cause.